WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Feenz Pre-Built Coils

Feenz Pre-Built Coils

Feenz Fused Clapton's are 2x26ga AN80 comp wire, wrapped with 40ga KPN80. 6 wraps on a 3mm.

  • With a resting resistance between .16 - .18 ohms.
  • These are ideal for mechanical mods or regulated mods with 75w or higher.

Feenz Fused Clapton V2's 40N80/2x27N80

7 wrap 3mm

.23 - .25 ohm

Feenz Framed Staple 6 x .3n80 / 2 x 28n80 / 42n80 

  • 6 wraps on 3mm
  • .11 - .13 ohms
  • Framed Staples are a perfect build for a 100+watt regulated box or a parallel unregulated box.

Feenz Alien Framed Staple

  • 6x.3N80,2x28N80/36N80 Alien wrap. 5 wrap on a 3mm. .09-.11 ohms dual coil.
  • Perfect for 100w+ regulated mods or mechanical devices. 


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