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Purge Mods - Lady Justice Stacked Piece 21700 Mod

Purge Mods - Lady Justice Stacked Piece 21700 Mod

A beautifully crafted and original design has been added to The Mathew Hagermann Series. The Lady Justice Stacked Piece is a stunning piece that has been CNC machined and includes a black Ultem safety cup to ensure performance and endurance. Compatible with 21700 or 20700 batteries and includes a simple battery rattle adjustment. This mod has been thought out and made for the vaper that searches high and wide for an exquisite piece to add to their collection. 

Lady Justice Mod Features
· 30mm body
· Unique Side Fire Button
· Locking Feature
· Unique sleeve top cap design
· Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle
· Deep CNC engravings designed by Mathew Hagermann
· Serialized
· Hybrid top cap
· Locally made in Orlando U.S.A

Lady Justice Mod Contents
· 1 x Lady Liberty Purge mod
· 1 x Hard shell carry case
· 1 x Certificate of authenticity
· 1 x Battery Magnet Spacer

          RETAIL $460

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